Chris Brown & Rhianna – What Do We Do?

Over the past several weeks as entertainment news has been filled with the story of Chris Brown and Rhianna’s domestic drama, there have been reports of the reactions to the incident from other celebrities. It seemed that lots of well-known musicians, actors, actresses, and such didn’t want to take a stand. That seemed a little odd to me. Isn’t it obvious that Chris Brown acted badly by basically beating up Rhianna? Wouldn’t they want to stand up for “right?”

Celebrities not wanting to take a stand is problematic, but I guess they are celebrities and don’t want to get mixed up in the story. But, then again, they aren’t just celebrities, in many cases they are role models for teens (and others) and as such could have an impact on how this story is perceived and understood by others. As a teen librarian and advocate I do wish that celebrity role models would stand up and speak out against unacceptable behavior.

This has come more to my mind as I’ve been reading about teens and what they have to say about the incident. Continue reading