GSLIS students support each other on Twitter with #prakchat

I had the opportunity to chat with a group of School Library Teacher students from Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science on Twitter recently.’  These students, from various parts of Massachusetts, are all working on practicum experiences in school libraries.’  They meet up once a week on Twitter to support each other, compare notes,’  puzzle out questions of teaching in libraries,’  and help each other accurately document their’  experiences in their required binder.’  They use the hashtag #prakchat, for practicum chat, when they have these tweetups, as well as throughout the week to share their trials and triumphs on the front lines of their school libraries.

I was impressed by their initiative in using Twitter and the way they articulated its impact on their library school experiences.’  The support of colleagues is so important in library school and in the profession in general. Professional Learning Networks need not rely on proximity. A simple agreement about how to communicate can go a long way.’  Check out the transcripts from our two part conversation. Continue reading