SmallWorlds Intro

I shot a quick video of my library’s presence in SmallWorlds as an example of the web 2.0 tools that can be added to this virtual world that runs in a web browser.

The latest version of Flash is needed to run SmallWorlds. It’ll be interesting to see whether tweens, teens, or both find the site interesting, if they do at all. Many might enjoy what are called ‘missions’ or tasks to level up and earn points so that they can decorate their space and earn a title that clearly shows their status as someone more familiar with the program. As I mention in the video, be sure to check out the SmallWorlds library!


Avatar in Small WorldsSmallWorlds is a virtual world that runs inside your web browser. It has been in beta testing for several months and is due to be released in a few weeks. SmallWorlds integrates sites teens use at many of our libraries including YouTube and Flickr and also includes customizable widgets. The environment gives teens the ability to control their world. They do that through the creation of their own space.

This seems like it could be a great match for libraries. Jump in when it launches and share your thoughts. Participate in the Forums by providing feedback. Have a meet up online! Figure out how libraries could be involved and why. It looks like a lot of fun!