Storify of #yalsa16

There were many, many tweets that I could have included in this Storify, but these have helpful information, tweets of librarians bonding at #yalsa16, and pictures of a little Hermione Funko Pop that could have honestly had her own Storify because she seemed to meet every author in attendance. I encourage you to still scroll through the hashtags on Twitter, because I might not have caught something that you were interested in, but I mean this simply as a resource to collect the tweets about 2016 YALSA Symposium, and hope that it’s useful for anyone who did not get to attend.

Obsessions: Can Be Good When They Make You Think

pinterest logoThe other day I posted on Twitter, “It’s like I want 2 use Pinterest 4 everything I do, but it really doesn’t fit everything I do.” A few weeks ago I might have posted something similar about Storify. And, I know that a few years ago I was thinking the same thing about Twitter.

storify logoThose are three technologies that I’ve been obsessed with at one point or another. For some that word obsessed might be a bit over-the-top, or even seem like I have a problem. But, the thing is, the obsession is what gets me thinking about how to use these tools effectively with and for teens.

Twitter logoTake that post I wrote on Twitter. I want to use Pinterest for everything from lists of books, to lists of favorite technologies, to discussions with colleagues and teens about a host of topics. But, for each instance that I think, “I want to use Pinterest for that,” I also think to myself, “Is Pinterest the best tool for what I want to accomplish?” That’s what we need to learn for ourselves and help teens to understand. What’s the best technology tool to get the job done?
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Curation Isn’t Just for Museums

A couple of weeks ago YALSABlog readers may have noticed that the weekly Tweets of the Week had a new format. A few days after that revision there was a Blog post that used Storify (The tool also used for the Tweets of the Week) to highlight findings in a new Pew Internet and American Life report on teens and social networking. Some may wonder, “what’s going on here?” Well, what’s going on is that curation has come to the YALSABlog and curation is probably something that you are or will be thinking about for the work you do with teens.

There has been a lot of buzz about curation over the past several months. What people are talking about when they buzz about content curation is the organization of information, usually using web-based tools, on a particular topic. For example, Storify enables users to search a variety of sources, including Twitter, YouTube, Google, and Facebook, to uncover and organize topic content. With Storify it’s possible to integrate text in-between curated resources to provide context and flow to the curated content. For example, the Storify below is all about the Austin Teen Book Festival.
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