T-Shirts: Ultimate Fan Fiction!

I just got back from visiting my dear friend and former YA librarian in FL, and we got to talking about YA lit, as we are wont to do, and of course, Eclipse came up. She hasn’t finished it yet, but knows I am a Jacob/Bella ‘shipper, and she took a moment to show me some awesome t-shirts at Zazzle:

Team Jacob:

Team Edward:

and, of course, Harry Potter:

I am sure there are others – share your links, below.

Two questions come to mind: what kind of copyright infringement is this? And, is this not content creation at it’s finest?! At the very least, it could be a very creative idea to extend discussion around a book: design the t-shirt! My new friend Sarah tells me that iron-on transfers for your library printer only cost a coupla bucks…