YALSA Podcast #101: Teens & Music

This episode’s guest is April Layne Pavis. As convener for YALSA’s Teen Music Interest Group, April takes us on a whirlwind tour of teens, music and ways to integrate music into your own library’s programming.

Teens & Music

If’  you prefer, you may go to the’ YALSA Podcast Site, download the Mp3 file and listen to it on the Mp3 player of your choice. To avoid missing future episodes, add’ the feed to Itunes or any other rss feed tracker.

If’  you’re interested, check out the Teen Interest Group on’  ALA Connect; while there you can get ideas, learn about new music or even share programming ideas of’  your own.

Teen Music Interest Group returns

Self-proclaimed music buff and Teen Librarian April Pavis has taken over as convener for YALSA’s Teen Music Interest Group (henceforth known as T-MIG).’ ‘  Music-related issues will be covered in ALA Connect and in listserv discussions ya-music@ala.org.

A few of the issues:

– Illegal downloading continues to be a big issue for the recording industry and library computers are likely used in those illegal efforts.’  T-MIG members and guests will discuss illegal music downloading in libraries, and the repercussions and ethics of allowing it to go on.

– Music programming for teens: what works, what doesn’t, ideas, suggestions, discussions.

– Teen use of music in the news.

– Emerging technologies for use in the libraries, or for our patrons.

I look forward to the discussions and positive influence this group will have on teens and librarians-serving-teens across the country.’  Please do not hesitate to post on the listerv, member or not.’  All contributions are welcome.