Young Adult Library Services is the award-winning official journal of the Young Adult Library Services Association, a division of the American Library Association. YALS primarily serves as a vehicle for continuing education for librarians serving young adults, ages twelve through eighteen. It will include articles of current interest to the profession, act as a showcase for best practices, provide news from related fields, and will spotlight significant events of the organization and offer in-depth reviews of professional literature. YALS will also serve as the official record of the organization.

YALS is now also available digitally to subscribers and members.

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YALS  is now all digital! Please view the FAQ below:

Who’s affected by this transition?
YALSA members and YALS subscribers.

What’s happening to YALS?
YALS is transitioning to a new, all digital, robust platform.

When is this transitioning happening?
The Winter 2018 issue will be the last print issue. Starting with the Spring 2018, YALS will be all digital.

Where will I be able to access the digital version? A quarterly e-blast will be sent out to all YALS readers every time a new issue is released. If you are a YALSA member, you can also log into your ALA account and access the links on the YALSA “Members’ Only” page under “Member Center.”

Why are you transitioning to digital only?
To give you easy, on-the-go access to the journal, no matter where or when. We’re confident that the new, robust platform will give you a positive, enhanced reading experience.

The platform allows you to:

  • Access the journal on any browser-based mobile device or laptop/desktop computer
  • Print pages and save issues or individual pages as PDFs
  • View content as a news feed or flip book format, as well as a text-only mode for small devices
  • Search individual issues and across archived issues
  • Access live hyperlinks, advertiser index, archives, and articles from the Table of Contents
  • And more!

How will I access the digital issues?
Notifications of each issue release will be sent via email blasts. To ensure you receive these, please update your email address in your ALA profile. To do this, visit http://www.ala.org/, click on “login” in the upper right hand corner, log-in with your credentials, click on “my profile” and view the options available to update your profile.

Questions? Please contact Anna Lam at alam@ala.org.

Please note, YALS does not publish research articles. However, YALSA does have a research journal called, The Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults that does. Learn more here.

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