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Of course the Awards Press Conference is an incredible event. However, the ripples after the awards are announced provide plenty of drama as well. You can see John Green’s reactions to hearing his book, LOOKING FOR ALASKA, won the Printz Award at his blog site. John was walking with his family in New York when he received the phone call from Michael Cart and the Printz Committee. How wonderful it is to be able to see the reaction–almost like being UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL.

Posted by Teri Lesesne

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I am a professor of YA lit in the department of library science at SHSU in Texas. I am an active YALSA member, an author of two professional books, a blogger, and a grandmother of 6. I am on the Printz 2010 Committee and the YALS Editorial Board currently. I have also served on the QP, Edwards, and Odyssey Committees.

One Thought on “Celebrating the winners

  1. Thanks for posting this link Terri. As I read through John Green’s blog I thought about what a great thing it is that we can read and see what it was like for the winner. The serendipity of the fact that Green’s father was taking pictures at the very moment was amazing.

    Along with that I was really charmed by the story told in the blog. It was a perfect example of Green’s successful storytelling style. I was taken in by the story and I noticed how the placement of the pictures helped move things along. As a matter of fact it was almost like reading a picture book. (Well maybe not quite like that.)

    Thanks again.

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