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The following is a list of youth division members who are Councilor At-Large candidates for ALA Council. Polls open March 15th. To learn more about the ALA election process, click on the heading of this posting.
Heidi Dolamore
Nancy Fredericks

Ria Newhouse
M.A. (Peg) Oettinger
Ellen Riordan
Barbara Silverman
Cassandra Barnett
Elizabeth (Beth) E. Bingham
Carolyn Brodie
Luann Cogliser
Eva Efron

Ann Dutton Ewbank
Carolyn P. Giambra
Dora T. Ho
Dennis J. LeLoup
Virginia (Ginny) Moore
Brenda Pruitt-Annisette
Frances Roscello
Clara Sitter
Margie Thomas

Nancy P. Zimmerman
These names are provided for informational purposes only and implies no endorsement of the candidates. Detailed information about each candidate can be found in the biography provided with the ALA ballot.

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