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Past-President of YALSA (President, 2007-2008) and current member of the YALSA Board of Directors (2006-2009). Past YALSA Committee Chair positions include Partnerships Advocating for Teens (PAT), TAGS, Intellectual Freedom; Past ALSC Chair positions include Notable Children's Videos; Contributing author to upcoming "Quick and Popular Reads" (ALA Editions, forthcoming)

4 Thoughts on “Programs at Conferences

  1. Jami Schwarzwalder [Member] on March 9, 2006 at 3:26 pm said:

    My program has many resources for Job searching and Career exploration. The one thing that I hear most of my classmates say is “what is the practical application of the theories we are learning.”

    I know that many of the programs offered at conferences address this, but many of my classmates will turn to examples in the libraries around them.

    I feel that all librarians need to feel comfortable to push the edges and try new things. It seems that only a handful of libraries are trying innovative programs, then share with the rest of the library world at the conferences. It would be nice to have a program about taking risks in the library, and how to talk to administration about new ideas, like graphic novels, video games, or blogging. I don’t mean about specific topics though, I mean in general.

  2. I would be very interested in learning more about blogging and using blogs to facilitate book clubs.

  3. Leadership training — or how to work with administrators to gain support for teen programs. Specifically, help with writing up program proposals for new teen services.

    Also –how to deal with administration that seems out of touch with what teens want and need, and might be offended by suggestions to improve library services.

  4. I wonder if some of our new librarians and/or library school students would be interested in starting up a discussion group, open to brand-new and well-seasoned librarians, to discuss mutual concerns. Both groups would benefit from hearing new ideas and concerns for teen services as well as sharing suggestions learned over many years of experience. Some of this could even be done virtually, over the Communities piece of ALA, so that information could be swapped back and forth. Some of this swapping is done now via the list serves, but more information sharing could be done via the community piece. And I think that new librarians might also want and need their own space for some sharing time–so several communities and/or discussion groups could be set up.

    If you want to start a discussion group, just contact Beth Yoke [byoke@ala.org], our Executive Director of YALSA>

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