I have arrived in Boston, and already meet two lovely librarians that were on my flight. I have my computer, but my hotel’s Internet is a little spotty. I will try to post every evening, but if I am unable I will at least post a review when I return back home.

For anyone at PLA I hope to see you here, and if you are interested in video games and libraries, a few librarians will be meeting Thursday at 8:30 in the Sherdon lobby if you want to come, otherwise you can spend your time on the community discussion forums at communities.ala.org

Sorry for the informality.

Jami Schwarzwalder

About Jami Schwarzwalder

Currently a teen librarian with the Pierce County Library System in Tacoma, WA.She is passionate about technology, making, and learning. See what I'm up to at https://about.me/jamischwarzwalder

2 Thoughts on “PLA

  1. Jami,
    We should find a place to play DDR Thursday night! There are a few open til midnight and accessible by the T – check out DDRFreak DOT com.

  2. Jami Schwarzwalder [Member] on March 21, 2006 at 7:20 am said:

    I also brought some games as well. Man Bites Dog, Flux, Bohnanza, and Munchkin

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