The Future of Fantasy PLA Pre-conference Part II
Many authors are mentioned, and I apologize if I misspelled any names.

Charles De Lint


Non-Fantasy readers read his books

Books and Librarians
Recommends Firebirds Rising (abandon girl raised by librarians)

Fascinated with creative impulse.

Write what he likes to read.

The more I write I realize that telling a story isn’t enough

I want to learn something I never could before
Elements have to arise from the story elements themselves

If the world is supposed to be dark, why were we given light?

Support the artists

Writing characters requires paying attention, and research

Deal with real life. When a death and depression enters it changes you, and you can’t ignore that in a novel

Writers tend to gravitate toward characters they are interested in.

Cast in stories will look like friends

Strong reactions to characters means the writing is working

Fell let down when finishing novel, like moving to a new job.

Through letters he has the impression he is doing the right thing.

Question: What books to you read?
C:Historical Fiction, YA books, everything
Will Lamore

Q: Other Authors that need to be recognized
Favorite Books

Holly Black
Hindacoff studio
Godmother night
Andrew Bax

Editor Panel
David G. Hartwell

Ruth Katcher

Betsy Mitchell

Sharyn November

Fantasy was first a part of the children’s section
the genre boundary between YA and Adult is TOTALLY artificial

Upcoming Authors (Fantasy)

China Mieville
Charles Stross
The family Trade
Paul Park
Jeff Van der Mejr
Venis Underground
Jean Wolf
Ken Oppel

Margo Lanagan
Mette Harrison
The Princess and the Hound

Not Known Authors
Nina Carikay Hoffman
A Fist full of Sky

New Classics-
Terry Pratchett
China Mieville
Jean Wolf
Orson Scott Card
Dragon Waiting
Magic for Beginners- Small Bear Press
Garth Nix
Series of Unfortunate Event

Nancy Farmer
Diana Winn Jones
Megan Willen Turner
Phillip Pullman

Short Story collections are working again.

Realms of Fantasy
Mag. of Sci Fi & Fantasy

Mix it up, Don’t focus so much on labels. Reader’s don’t care whether a book is published under Children’s or Adult.

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