Pre-conference Conclusion

In Conclusion, History RA is not much different from other RA. As I was sitting through the session, I was reminded of many Movies that would pair nicely with the titles mentioned. I could not think of many games that connected with historical fiction, but there are not many historical games. Eternal Darkness, Civilization, and Oregon Trail were the only ones I could think of.

I think that YA librarians have the potential to use what their patrons know in order to connect them to books. My high school history experience was quite dull and boring, until I found children’s historical fiction that I would read along with what we studied in class. I doubt many teens with be as industrious as I was, but We may connect them on these three points (topics from history class, historical/biographical movies, and historically set video games)

I will conclude with some quotes from the end of the Pre-conference session

(on Historical fiction connecting to Non-fiction)
Its about picking threads and linking them- Sharron Smith

Look for more narrative non-fiction-Sharron Smith

Taking a reader from non-fiction to fiction is harder than fiction to non-fiction – Brad Hooper

A well written biographical novel is not necessarily cradle to grave – Brad Hooper

Connect books with Strong Characterization – Brad Hooper

Biographical novels convey a Hero with flaws – Brad Hooper

A well written historical novel seamlessly weaves in history to the story through characters dialogue.- Cathy Jo Yarmoski

Setting is important – Cathy Jo Yarmoski

Look at themes- Cathy Jo Yarmoski

Suggest non-fiction that “reads like a story” – Cathy Jo Yarmoski

Ask Do people want the same or something different- Cathy Jo Yarmoski

Closing Remarks

Duncan Smith

“The real reason we are here is not books…It’s the reader”

“I have always thought of history happening to others. But it happens to me too.”

Remember that today’s teens were born in 1988 to 1995. They probably do not remember the Challenger, the Berlin wall falling, or the first Iraq conflict.

“The Odyssey is what hero has to do to become human again.”

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