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Opening General Session for PLA Conference
Linda Ellerbee
March 22, 2006

President of ALA:
You can judge a community by the quality of its libraries

The library is the only place you can walk in off the street and get advice from a Master level professional without a fee

Linda Ellerbee
Journalist, Author, Producer, Breast Cancer survivor
Luck Duck Programming, Get Real! series

“what could be nicer than being a room with people who love books and read them”

Take Big Bites life philosophy

When I was young I thought change was a choice
I also told myself that anything is possible

Went to college to find a husband or in the case he died, or left me in another less honorable manner I would HAVE SOMETHING TO FALL BACK ON

Love college so much she left after a year

Taught in the mountains
Worked at an FM station

Married Texas Cowboy poet

In Alaska, left commune to write radio programs for politician

In Juno, her husband left her with a two and three year old. Parents wanted to raise her kids so she took matters in her hands

She wrote letters to editors telling them-that she could be an excellent journalist if she just had a chance.

She got one response. If she passed a test she could have a job. She passed.

She wrote a letter in 1972 about how the APO has only one female, and if they want to show they aren’t discriminatory they should hire a diverse individual (half cre lesbian….)

Letter wasn’t supposed to go out, but it went to the entire associated press

Of course she lost her job, only because they couldn’t shoot her.

That’s when the job offers poured in

To take a microphone and put it in the face of anyone who just went through a personal tragedy is being a moral dwarf.

People said Murphary Brown was based on her
Who wouldn’t like a loud mouth woman who’s mouth is always getting her in trouble

She wanted to change the way broadcasting worked

If men run the world why do they get up every morning and tie a noose around their neck.

Women have learned much from men in the industry.
“Let us not forget that we have much to teach”

One night a woman came in crying. The women gave her a huge made her a cup of tea, and then the world went on. The corporate didn’t stop because a few acts of kindness.

A sick child is important, a lost love is important

I have seen the effects of the stress that pulls in all the different directions

#2 Face a new change with joy

“He who can not change the fabric of his own thoughts cannot change anything”

As a kid there were drills for the soviets dropping nuclear bombs, but they didn’t talk about the fears.

Now we talk about hard times, we don’t hide it from them.

#3 You must always set a place at the table for and unexpected guest

A boy talked his mother into leaving just in time. He only packed a few clothes, but when asked what he needed most that had been left behind he said “ My Friends”

She learned that the easier a change is make the less important it is

Change can be a form of hope
to risk change is a investment in the future

#4 Just because everything has changed doesn’t mean its different.

More things are possible than she ever imagined, both good and bad

She was as young as she was going to be and she was never going to be any younger

#5 IN this world a good time to laugh is anytime

She owes her life to 5 people and one thing
Her two kids, Her two parents, her English teacher, and her library card.

Most grateful for being able to say Thank You to her old mentor.

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