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For those of you who didn’t have the opportunity to make it to the Margaret A. Edwards awards luncheon today, it was fantastic! The winner of this year’s Margaret A. Edwards award is Jacqueline Woodson, for I Hadn’t Meant to Tell You This, Lena, From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun, If You Come Softly, and Miracle’s Boys. The luncheon was in the Hilton Ballroom A, and was put on by YALSA. The tables were decorated with complimentary Tabasco cookbooks and miniature Tabasco bottles. Each attendee also was given a copy of School Library Journal, as well as a canvas bag from School Library Journal. The event was opened with a Welcome and Introduction of Guests by President of YALSA, Pam Spencer Holley. Jacqueline Woodson’s speech literally brought a tear to my eye. She is extremely passionate about young adult literature, and commented that although this was a lifetime achievement award, she is nowhere near done with writing and hopes to have many more lifetime achievements. Everything was just wonderful, so if you didn’t get to go, make sure you buy tickets to the one at the next annual conference! Hope to see you all at the events this week!

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  1. Ditto. Let me echo the sentiments from the Edwards Luncheon. First, the standing ovation Jackie received even before she spoke was certainly a strong indication of how beloved she is, especially by the folks in YALSA. We whooped and whistled and screamed our approval. Her speech was lovely, poignant, comic, reflective, lyrical, and just like her books: perfection.

    I have the honor of serving on the 2007 Edwards Committee and it is wonderful to see all of the past winners, all authors who have contributed to the wealth of YA literature. To have a hand in selecting the next recipient is awe-inspiring. Make plans now to come to DC and see the next Edwards recipient.

    An aside, I have been thanked by tons of New Orleans residents, workers, librarians, construction workers, you name it. What we hear over and over again is THANK YOU FOR COMING TO NEW ORLEANS. It has made the heat and humidity more than bearable as I somehow feel I have done something good just by being here. Right now, rain is providing some cooler weather!

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  2. Regarding trends in so-called “young adult” literature, such as what Naomi Wolf and Barbara Feinberg have said about that, please visit “Porn Pushers – The ALA and Looking For Alaska – One Example of How the ALA Pushes Porn On Children” at where even author John Green admits he would not give his own book to his own twelve year old whereas the ALA would and does.

  3. I will post just once in response to this. I wish this person who would respond to the original post or even my comment which were about the Edwards Luncheon and the author who won this prestigious award.

    The Margaret Edwards Luncheon was proof positive of the incredible support for artists such as Jacqueline Woodson receiving much deserved recognition. Woodson’s speech was a grand opportunity for all of us in attendance to revel in the sheer brilliance of the body of work produced by this woman.

    I, for one, am grateful for the chance to hear these authors speak so eloquently about books and reading and the craft of writing for YA audiences. As a parent/grandparent of 3 girls, I know how much YA literature has meant to them as they have had to deal with incredible grief and loss in their lives. YA books speak to them and offer comfort beyond words; they offer them to the chance to see themselves and their lives within the pages of a story. It affirms them and inspires them.

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