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Great CE delivered right to your desktop! Registration for YALSA’s fall session of e-courses opened Aug. 21st and runs through Sept. 25. The session will run from Oct. 2-30. The courses are meant to be the equivalent of a full day workshop. The cost is $135 for YALSA members, $175 for ALA members, and $195 for non members. To register go here. Three courses will be offered:

Pain in the Brain: Adolescent Development and Library Behavior
Teen brain development rivals that of the toddler years: maybe that explains the attitude and characteristics of this historically underserved age group. Find out exactly why teens act the way they do and learn how librarians can address patron behavior issues in a way that will develop relationships with young adults. By the end of this class, participants will: 1) Understand the physical development of the adolescent brain and how it manifests into physical and emotional behaviors, 2) Examine the developmental needs and assets of adolescents, and the role libraries must play in helping teens grow into healthy adults, 3) Discuss how to apply newly acquired knowledge and techniques to improve library services to teens in ways that meet developmental needs and build developmental assets. Instructor: Beth Gallaway

OutReaching Teens
Outreach has always been important to libraries, and now it is proving to be one of the only sure fire ways of reaching underserved audiences. The content of this course will focus on the importance of providing outreach services; different ways libraries can provide outreach services to teenagers with minimal impact on staff and budget; and how to garner support for outreach efforts. Instructor: Angela Pfeil

New Technologies and New Literacies for Teens (Course is full, but you can get on a waiting list)
How does teen use of technology to play, learn, and create improve their text-based literacy skills? How are teens using technology to communicate, collaborate, and create? What technologies should librarians know about to support teen interest in building community online? In this four week course you will find the answers to these questions, become familiar with the tools and techniques teens use to communicate and collaborate online, and discover how to inform your own community about best practices that support teen’s technology-based print literacies. Participants in the series will have the opportunity to talk with others about teen use of technology and how that use improves literacy skills. They will also have the chance to create a framework for a program or service at their library that supports teen technology-based print literacy. Instructor: Linda Braun

To learn more about the e-courses, go here.
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