Think like a marketer – take a look at this Teen Market Profile, which “delivers a complete picture of the demographics, media usage, product consumption and lifestyle choices of America’s teenagers (ages 12 to 19).”

The report resides on the Magazine Publishers of America’s website, and offers a focused look at teens and their interests (and how those interests are viewed by the market forces trying to sell to teens). For example:

Many Teens feel that “most grownups are really stressed out,” and they don’t want to follow this example. “Being really good at your job” and having “control in your life” are important components of Teens’ definition of success. But, they also value relationships — family is very important to them, and a good marriage is a sign of success.

Teens today understand the need to be able to turn on a dime because they live with short-term change and volatility on a day-to-day basis. Unlike previous eras, Teens also live with paradox, realizing that their choices are filled with a mix of good and bad. Even so, they have a strong sense of empowerment and believe that they can conquer any challenge, actively seeking out causes to support. They are self assured, with three-quarters or more of them agreeing with the statements “I trust my own judgment a lot” and “I have a very clear idea of my objectives and goals in life.”

All of this will be of interest to librarians – take a look at the lists of top magazines read by teens, the survey of teen attitudes to technology, and the section on “Teens and Education.”

As you plan for Teen Read Week®, consider the information here – TRW is a great opportunity to market to teens in your community about the wonderful services and products that the library has to offer!

About Lorraine Squires

I am the head of Teen Services at Mastics-Moriches-Shirley Community Library, out on Long Island. As a new supervisor, I am interested in not only teen services, but the art and science of management. I serve on the YALSA website advisory committee and have been a member of YALSA for 9 years.

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