I was surfing the web today and I came across a new search engine, or at least I think it’s a search engine.

Meet Ms. Dewey, the impatient, ego-centric animation that makes user interface seem so one dimensional. The site uses Flash to combine a search for information on the web with a personality.

It may not be that stunning but there is an interface from most Sci Fi television shows, reminding me mostly of Blue from Mutant X. The next set would be to store basic animations and be able to recall the indexed animations with sound, so she could talk.

I do find it interesting that the person who serves as the actress is very ethnicity neutral. She does speak in English, but that is in a sound file that could be re-recorded for any language.

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2 Thoughts on “Ms. Dewey

  1. Patty Fekete [Visitor] on February 24, 2007 at 12:40 pm said:

    I have mixed feelings about using Ms. Dewey for anything more than a casual search. I realize that you can mute the site, but curiosity does seem to limit that response. You find yourself wanting to hear Ms. Dewey’s response to your search, although some comments can be disturbing regarding race, sex, gender, violence, etc. Most comments are disturbingly reflective of the search terms. Makes one wonder. . . ???

    The site returns are a bit hard to distinguish, but I do like the continuous scrolling as opposed to searching page by page. The site however doesn’t provide any information regarding search preferences, help with searching, or anthing for that matter regarding the type of searching being used, etc.

    The Ms. Dewey’s Search Engine creates a caricature of librarians, and by using a women who makes ridiculous offhanded remarks, it is hardly promoting a libraians image, not to mention women in general (although many of us wouldn’t mind looking like Janina Gavankar)! In any case, while mildly entertaining, I don’t think that I will be promoting its use to young adults, as a tool for conducting research anytime soon (in spite of the fact that it can be entertaining).

  2. Susan Washko [Visitor] on February 28, 2007 at 9:09 pm said:

    I stumbled upon a reference to Ms. Dewey in Wikipedia a few months ago. I’ve checked back in a few times. The programmers (?) are very conscious of her entertainment value, as they’ve now added a “Best of Dewey” button so you can see some of her acting bits related to certain search terms . . .

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