Teen: Who is hosting tomorrows event?

Instructor: me
Teen: Cool
Teen: Im coming

How to measure success virtually? YALSA member Jami Schwarzwalder taught the first skills class to captivated listeners and eager learners in Teen Second Life on Eye4You Alliance Island today. Teen Second Life is a 3D world for 13-17 year olds. The goal of Eye4You Alliance is for teens to create new stories in a virtual world. Teens can choose what to build in this environment and what library services might look like and mean here. Podcasting, build contests, book publishing, streamed in video and audio, are some of the activities teens have expressed interest in and are possible in the space of Second Life.

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Kelly Czarnecki is a Teen Librarian at ImaginOn with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. She is a member of the YALSA blog advisory board.

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