As I flew into Seattle today I had a conversation with the gentleman seated next to me. He is a native of Seattle, business owner, and proud reader, but not library user.
He expressed a concern about the Seattle Public Libraries main building not being functional. He stated that there wasn’t enough room to sit and comfortably read, and the lighting wasn’t conductive to reading either.

This has me thinking about all of the different needs of the libraries different patrons. As stated in the OCLC report about the bash between boomers and gamers, libraries have a demand by two highly diverse groups of patrons.

In 2007, I encourage you to focus on how to provide a balance between the need of both. How can you use technology to enhance your current services? How can you help the older generation access technology, and not be intimidated by it?
Consider how you can divide space to provide both reading quiet areas, and group spaces. Lastly consider how you can use the services you currently do to enhance technology?

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Currently a teen librarian with the Pierce County Library System in Tacoma, WA.She is passionate about technology, making, and learning. See what I'm up to at

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