This is why we need more young people on ALA council.

I just got an email from a young rep, and a YALSA person, no less, asking my opinion on two pending ALA resolutions re: the War in Iraq: Is it ALA’s mission to support or denounce it?

My response was we all think war is bad (some may argue the ends justify the means), and we don’t need an ALA resolution to announce that opinion. ALA should stick to resolutions about issues and legislation the affect us directly, like DOPA and the Patriot Act. Do you agree, or disagree? How are the councillors who represent YOU voting?

Anyway, it was refreshing and EXCITING to be able to take part in ALA without even having to be there!

Go, Heidi! (Quiddle at

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Beth Gallaway was named a Library Journal Mover & Shaker in 2006 for her work in advocating for videogames in libraries. She is an independent library trainer/consultant specializing in gaming, technology, and youth services, and is a YALSA certified Serving the Underserved (SUS) trainer.

2 Thoughts on “Cell phone surveys connect us to ALA Council!

  1. They called your cell phone? Did you give them your number first?

  2. we’re friends, so yes, she had my digits already.

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