Today on my Wii I was helping someone I know from Second Life register their Mii while we were both in world. I realized while I was helping them that this was something that might be a possible service for librarians (not the setting up a Mii, but helping people set up technology). If I wanted the information about creating an account somewhere I could try looking online, or I could IM my reference librarians, which given the various comfort levels with technology wouldn’t mean the person I talked to would have the skills, or the knowledge to assist me. One group however does have a larger likelihood of knowing this information: the teens. I wonder if a library could run a successful technology IM with teen volunteers, not just in the library, but for the community.

Another thing that happened is while I was helping my friend, I received a message about a new software available called Everybody votes. This allows users to post two answer questions to the region and worldwide. You can register your Mii’s and drop onto possible answers as well as predict outcomes. Only one question can be submitted a day, and it has no guarantee of being asked. I like the possible potential of libraries asking questions on the Wii console. It would be nice if you could create a local questionnaire/quiz, but that’s not here yet. So far the Internet Channel is my favorite Wii feature. I’ve watched many you tube videos from my TV this way. It’s a lot of fun.

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