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Kevin & Sarah, here are a few technology related questions, including one from Past-President Pam Spencer Holley:

What’s your favorite emerging technology and how do you see that kind of technology impacting service to teens in the future?

How should YALSA address the training issues related to teen services librarians and new technologies in a sustainable, ongoing way?

Past-President Pam Spencer Holley asks:

One aspect of the YALSA Presidency that caught me by surprise was the great amount of time that must be spent responding to YALSA matters. You’ll find that you’re communicating to individual members, committees, and even the entire division, and it’s one of your most important tasks.

Making the best use of your time, and the technology that’s available, how do you see yourself communicating with YALSA members and committees?

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2 Thoughts on “Technology Questions for Vice-President/President-Elect Candidates

  1. Sarah Cornish Debraski [Visitor] on February 20, 2007 at 6:27 pm said:

    I think blogging is the technology trend I see most useful for service to teens. There are so many positive ways this can be used for enhancing and promoting teen services. Obviously one benefit is providing a forum for teens’ voices. What I especially think is appealing about it is that it can be used for efficient direct promotion of services and events (rather than say, phone calls or emails), as well as providing the opportunity for casual and frequent book promotion to a broad audience. It’s another way for a librarian to build a presence outside of the physical library.

    I think YALSA should definitely continue to offer the Technology & Teens online course, and even offer it more frequently. Perhaps mini online workshops could be offered for topics such as RSS, blogging, podcasts, etc. I think it’s important for us to continue offering technology related programs because keeping up with technology can be a real challenge for many librarians simply due to constraints of finances, library systems, and time.

    Our YALSA blog is one way I’d communicate with the YALSA community. I would also keep in touch via email to our YALSA lists, as well as individuals. I think the monthly president reports we get are a great way to find out what the president does, and I would continue that, posting a monthly report to the blog and lists.

  2. Kevin Scanlon [Visitor] on February 22, 2007 at 12:45 pm said:

    My favorite emerging technology is distance learning software. This will impact teens, perhaps not in high school, but when they enter college. The public library will need to place more emphasis on databases, remote access to them, and training educators and teens.

    I believe that YALSA should continue to invest in web courses/seminars to train teen services librarians. This will allow members to realize a return on their investment in the association and remain on the cutting-edge of the profession .

    Regular, ongoing, two-way communication between the leadership and members is essential to establish confidence in the leadership and to identify/address issues of concern. In addition to the President’s monthly report, listserv, and conference meetings, I plan to either establish a President’s listserv, blog, or schedule a monthly “Chat with the President” session to make myself available the YALSA membership.

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