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The Vote Master is a tool in Teen Second Life the teens are using to vote with on a theme for Eye4You Alliance Island. They modified it by changing the text to fit the choices and scripted it so that when you make a choice, the box will grow and reflect how many people are voting for a particular theme.

Second Life is a great place to explore voting and having discussion about the candidates, debates, build contests, and more. If you are a regular SL’r, what might you judge a candidate on? Do we judge how well they come across on YouTube, if they are on MySpace or not, etc.

Here is some conversation from teens and adults about the Vote Master:
teen1: We will put this out by the telehub.
adult: I though we were going to let everyone use it
teen1: No i think we should just vote
teen2: And put floating text above it asking “Which of these island themes do you like the most?”.
teen:1 No I think we should just vote
teen2: Why can’t we let the public speak?
adult: who else has an interest in this?

teen1: Should we let teens vote
teen2: Yes.
adult: yes
teen1: Let teens vote
teen1: @:)
teen1: €Ok
adult: 🙂

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