Hello from Selected Audiobooks! As you may be able to tell, I’ve just finished listening to Wintersmith, the third in Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching series. I nominated it for consideration by our committee, because — to me — it fits the bill of a great audiobook: a book that is enhanced by reading it aloud.

When you hear narrator Stephen Briggs read — particularly the Nac Mac Feegles in that wild Scottish accent — most of us get a whole new level of understanding and appreciation for those wacky characters; one that we wouldn’t have were we just reading it to ourselves (unless you had a Scottish accent, of course!). Now granted, the Wee Free Men are pretty lively in print, but Briggs gives them a personality that is utterly enjoyable.

After a slow start, our committee has started nominating more titles:

  • The Black Tattoo by Sam Enthoven
  • Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn by Sarah Miller
  • Larklight (and its many subtitles) by Philip Reeve (also nominated by me … hence the Huzzah!)
  • Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer
  • Monkey Town by Ronald Kidd
  • …and Wintersmith

We are of course, listening to as much as we can: between the nine of us, at least one person has listened to 119 of the 167 titles on our current list! Whew!

Did you know that you can make a field nomination of an audiobook that you’ve listened to and liked? If you nominate a book, one of us has to listen and “officially” nominate it as well … but we’d love to hear from you! You’re also welcome to leave comments about our nominations so far — I think we’d all like to know what other YALSA listeners think!

Just make sure it was published this year or last:

It’s spring break week here in Oregon! Enjoy!


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