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The following may be helpful in light of DOPA-like bills on the floor in several states. In Virginia this week, the governor signed a law requiring all public libraries to filter “offensive material;” only adults conducting research can have the filters unblocked. Any Virginia librarians care to comment? Other states are sure to follow suit.

Resources on Young People’s Safety on the Internet

Resources on young people’s safety on the Internet, including cyberbullying, can be found here:

* Child Safety on Web 2.0: Who Should Protect Our Kids?
* Cyberbullying and Free Speech
* Cyberbullying
* Bullies and Bullying
* Additional Resources on Bullies and Bullying
* Especially for Young People and Their Parents
* Safety Resources for Young People

See also

March 30: Participate in Stop Cyberbullying Day by Andy Carvin

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Beth Gallaway was named a Library Journal Mover & Shaker in 2006 for her work in advocating for videogames in libraries. She is an independent library trainer/consultant specializing in gaming, technology, and youth services, and is a YALSA certified Serving the Underserved (SUS) trainer.

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