Tickets Available Now for the YALSA 50th Anniversary Quilt

YALSA 50th Anniversary Quilt Get your tickets now for the YALSA 50th Anniversary Quilt. Sixty signed blocks with names and favorite YA titles plus four friendship stars make up this lovely quilt. Completed (it is not quilted yet) it will be 50 inches square! It is the perfect size to curl up on the couch with and read the latest young adult titles!

Tickets are available with a minimum donation of $10 to the Friends of YALSA. A bonus ticket will be given to folks who donate $50, the magic number for this Anniversary year. That means for $50 you will have 6 chances to win this work of art. This account goes to help YALSA fund special initiatives and programs for members. This year the Friends account funded two students in the Emerging Leaders program. We also plan to fund a Spectrum Scholar as soon as the fund grows. More information on the Friends can be found at: See more pictures of the quilt on YALSA’s Flickr page!

Donations can be a few ways:

  • Send a contribution with a check or credit card information by mail, using the printable, mail-in form. Under donation amounts, mark ‘Other’ and a minimum donation of $10 per ticket. If you are donating $50, mark ‘Other’ as well for the amount and then write $50 – 6 TICKETS next to the amount. Complete the form and mail it back with your donation to: Friends of YALSA, Quilt raffle, 50 East Huron, Chicago, IL 60611.
  • Checks or credit card orders must be received by Monday, June 18, to be entered in the raffle.
  • For people going to the Annual Conference, raffle tickets will be available for purchase at the YALSA Booth (with exact change or checks) through Sunday, June 24, or from Amy Alessio. The quilt will be on display at the Saturday, June 23 All-Committee meeting.

The name of the winner will be drawn on Monday, June 25, at the YALSA Membership Meeting, prior to the President’s Program. The winner need NOT be present at the conference to win.

If you have questions, please contact Amy Alessio at

One Thought on “YALSA Quilt Tickets Available Now

  1. Amy has created a wonderful quilt to honor YALSA’s 50 years of great service and support to teen librarians. I hope every one of you will now do your part and buy a ticket. (Of course, as President, I really should win this, but I suppose we have to be fair and actually draw one of my tickets….)

    Every ticket makes a difference…so please buy at least one!

    Thanks Amy for a beautiful item!


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