Even though I am sitting at a workshop in San Antonio, I am mentally packing for ALA Annual. I know I will have my CD player and headphones so I can listen to the last of the audios nominated for the Odyssey Award (and if you do not know what this award is, go check it out at the YALSA web site). Other than that, the Crocs are going in next along with loose cotton clothes for walking outside and a jacket for sitting in meeting rooms. Soon, I need to organize my day by day agenda. All this pales, though, when I begin to think about scoring ARCs at the exhibits, meeting and talking to colleagues, seeing new authors, watching the awards programs, and discussing listening and reading with committee members.

I hope to see many of you in DC. For those of you who cannot attend, check the blog for updates and for information.

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I am a professor of YA lit in the department of library science at SHSU in Texas. I am an active YALSA member, an author of two professional books, a blogger, and a grandmother of 6. I am on the Printz 2010 Committee and the YALS Editorial Board currently. I have also served on the QP, Edwards, and Odyssey Committees.

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