So, this is Lee Catalano, blogging for Selected Audiobooks. I told Linda that I would blog at the conference … although I am pretty technophobic beyond all but the more basic blogging. [For example, Linda asked me if I would Twitter … and I said no idea!] I promised Linda one entry because I knew I would find a few moments at the Internet center here … but who knew that it would take me until today (Monday at 3:30) to get here! Plus, I have to finish this up fast, so I can mail my parcel off at the Post Office (conveniently located right next to the Internet center) and then dash over to Penguin so I can have Nick Hornby sign my ARC of Slam. (Thanks, YALSA for that precious book!)

Just a brief comment on Nick Hornby who read to a standing room only crowd at the Live! stage this afternoon. He was great and the book sounds outstanding! And — inquiring (listening) minds want to know — when will we get the audiobook version, read by Nick?

So, back to Selected Audiobooks … as promised. And, quite frankly … not much to report. We had a lovely social get together one evening, where the oldies (such as myself) got to meet the three newbies on our committee. Each of whom is passionate and opinionated — hooray! I’m looking forward to lots of discussion in January. Already, we’ve got some controversial nominations (WHY oh WHY … did you nominate that book!?!?!?!).

We met the next day to go over some housekeeping (and I can’t — unfortunately — report here on the change we proposed to the YALSA board about our evaluation guidelines on pronunciation because I don’t know the outcome of the Board’s vote … more on that later this summer), and then we got to discuss a few titles that most of us had read. A rep from Listening Library sat in on our discussions — which was actually quite distracting, because we were plying him with questions about Harry Potter VII. And, believe me, beyond a few tidbits, his lips are sealed (I think he had to sign something …).

Mostly we used our time to get acquainted, and although I already knew what thoughtful and interesting women we were via email, it was great to put a face to a name. We exchanged strategies about how to get to all the books we have to listen to … and said goodbye until Philadelphia.

But, don’t forget that you can nominate a favorite audiobook here. Please do so … we so want to know what you find great!

Enjoy the rest of Annual. I’m off tomorrow on a Libraries Serve Communities jaunt weeding the collection at a local high school. More soon …

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