As recent blog posts and podcasts attest, YALSA had a lot going on during ALA’s 2007 Annual Conference. Beth Yoke, YALSA’s Executive Director, put together a short document that highlights some of what happened at Annual that goes beyond some of the more publicized events such as happy hours, parties, committee meetings, and programs and workshops. Beth’s list covers:

  • Brand new literary award: YALSA’s William C. Morris YA Debut Award was just established at the conference. YALSA’s Board of Directors passed a proposal for this new award on to ALA’s Award Committee, which approved the award. This first-time YA author award will be given annually beginning in January 2009. YALSA is currently forming an award committee that will begin work in January 2008. This award celebrates the achievement of a previously unpublished author who has made a strong literary debut in writing for young adult readers. It will be funded by YALSA’s William C. Morris Endowment.
  • New guidelines: YALSA’s Board of Directors adopted “Guidelines for Library Services to Teens,” which was a joint project between RUSA and YALSA. The guidelines are meant to serve as a tool for any library that serves teens. The guidelines will be available on the YALSA web site.
  • Revised Selected List: After YALSA’s 2008 Selected DVDs for Young Adults list is announced at the 2008 ALA Midwinter Meeting, this committee will change its name to Fabulous Films for Young Adults and it will become a themed list. The other major change is that the films on the list will not be limited to a particular release year or years. Films from any release year, so long as they are still commercially available, will be eligible to appear on the list. The first Fabulous Films for Young Adults list will debut in January 2009.
  • YALSA’s 5th Round of Excellence in Library Service to Young Adults winners announced. The top five winners as well as the 20 best of the rest will be compiled by Amy Alessio and published in June 2008. The top five programs are:
  • The Hennepin County (Minn.) Library for its International Teen Club
  • Austin (Texas) Public Library for Second Chance Books
  • Cleveland (Ohio) Public Library for Teen Empowerment: A Motivational Summit
  • Alameda County (Calif.) Library for Teen/Senior Web Connection
  • The New Scotland Branch of the Albany (N.Y.) Public Library for its Skateboarding Discussion Group.

Major projects in progress:

  • Nonfiction award for young adults: a taskforce will submit a final draft of the proposal to the YALSA Board at Midwinter 2008.
  • Young Adult Literature Symposium, “How We Read Now,” November 7-9, 2008 in Nashville, TN. A taskforce is currently working with the YALSA office to plan this event.
  • Teens Need Libraries: training for librarians and library and workers in AR, LA and MS made possible via a grant from the ALA World Book Goal Award.
  • YALSA’s @ your library campaign: the Advocacy Taskforce is launching this at the 2008 Midwinter Meeting via a full day institute.

Major projects still in the planning stages:

  • YALSA Diversity Campaign: phase one is to recruit and mentor persons from diverse backgrounds to be leaders in the association and in the profession. Phase two will be to provide librarians with resources to help them serve the teens who comprise America’s most culturally diverse generation. The proposal was developed by an ad-hoc committee of the Board and the Executive Director will seek grant money for funding.
  • Teen Summit: the Youth Participation Committee will be surveying members to find out their interest level in such an event as well as their needs relating to youth participation.
  • YALSA Web site redesign: as a first step the Website Advisory Committee will be surveying members to find out their needs.
  • A new round of strategic planning will be undertaken by the Board and the Strategic Planning Committee. They will be seeking input from members in 2008.
  • Post MLS Certification program in YA services: a taskforce is being formed to identify the target audience and a curriculum.
  • Awards & scholarships: proposals are being developed for scholarships that would fund members’ attendance at the ALA Annual Conference and/or the Young Adult Literature Symposium. A proposal is also in development for a writing award on topics relevant to YA services.

Reading these lists – Wow!

Don’t forget that YALSA will continue to publish podcasts from Annual over the next week. When you listen to a conference podcast or read a post on this blog remember you can comment about the content. That helps to keep the momentum going.

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Linda W Braun is a YALSA Past President, the YALSA CE Consultant, and a learning consultant/project management coordinator at LEO: Librarians & Educators Online.

2 Thoughts on “YALSA Rocks ALA Annual 2007

  1. Paula Brehm-Heeger [Visitor] on July 1, 2007 at 1:38 pm said:

    Thanks, Linda for posting this impressive wrap-up of all that YALSA accomplished at annual! As the incoming President of YALSA this list is a great reminder to me of what a dynamic organization we are and how appropriate the theme of my Presidential year — “YALSA: Leading the Way” — really is! This is just a sampling of the many important projects on which YALSA is working and they all rely on the continued support from our dedicated members. Congratulations to the Excellence in Library Service to Young Adults winners, much appreciation to Linda and all of the YALSA bloggers for their great coverage of the conference and thanks to everyone for their energy, enthusiasm and commitment to YALSA and the teens we serve.

  2. Dawn McMillan [Visitor] on August 1, 2007 at 1:02 pm said:

    I am really excited to see the Guidelines for Library Services to Teens! Any idea when these should be available?

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