The YALSA Nominating Committee works very hard to recruit and select good candidates for positions on our slate each year. There is a lot of interest in running for office and award committees, and while it is not always possible for all interested parties to be invited to run each year, there is an existing process for petitioning to have your name on the ballot for the elected positions. Member participation is the foundation of YALSA. For 2008, members will vote on a President Elect, Fiscal Officer, Secretary, two Board Members and positions in the Printz and Edwards Award Committees.

Duties for those positions can be found under Governance in the YALSA Handbook:

Bylaws: Article VIII, Section 4
“A candidate may be nominated by a petition signed by twenty five personal members of YALSA. The nominee shall be a member in good standing of the Association. The petition and the written consent of the nominee shall be filed with the YALSA Executive Director a minimum of four months before the Midwinter meeting, and the name of each candidate so nominated shall be listed on the official ballot.”

Below is the link to the petition form if you are interested in investigating this process. Four months before the Midwinter meeting means an October 11 deadline to get on the 2008 spring ballot.

While 25 signatures are required on the official form, more than one copy of the form may be turned in (all should be sent in together) to obtain those. For example, if a friend was helping you collect signatures at a meeting and got 10 on the form, while you got another 15 at a different meeting on another copy of the same form.

Nominations may also be made to the Committee for review.

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