Free Image Hosting at So is it really true that the astronauts were trying to finish all the biscuits before they had to exit the shuttle? Who knows. It’s one theory that was discussed on Eye4You Alliance island in teen second life in the space station amongst the teens that gathered to watch the Endeavor landing.

This photo shows a few avatars (there were about 25) that were watching the streaming NASA television channel and the view that they saw. These teens are from all over the world. They built the space station. The screen is taller than their avatar. They created a story together while watching this historic moment-wondering if they were really aliens instead of astronauts, referencing other spacecraft such as Apollo I, sharing in a part of history in a way that commenting via a blog or MySpace just isn’t the same.

Here’s part of the transcript.

Teen1: Whoooooooooooo!!!
Teen2: i can see the runway
Teen3: One minute.

Teen1: almost
Teen1: come ooooon
Teen4: its landing on tv!
Teen4: brb
Teen5: this is cool
Teen1: it already landed
Teen6: we have touch down
Teen7: yay!!!
Teen7: Wahoo !

Teen7: Lol
Teen1: yay!
Teen8: that was cool
Teen1: Whoooooooooooo!!!
Teen2: yay touch down
Teen2: šŸ™‚
Teen3: WOOT!
Teen1: that’s so freaking awesome
Teen1: yoy

Teen1: Whoooooooooooo!!!
Teen3: YAY!!!
Teen2: yay
Teen5: what speed is it traveling at now?
Teen1: Whoooooooooooo!!!
Teen5: cool.
Teen3: WOOTNESS!!!!

Teen2: Yay!
Teen1: dude that thing was in space
Teen1: that’s awesome
Teen1: and what are those noises?
Teen10: w00t!
Teen4: well of course it was in space
Teen1: Whoooooooooooo!!!
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