Need some quick, easy ideas for activities to plan at your library for Teen Read Week 2007?

Here are 11 super-easy ideas for your Teen Read Week celebration (from Pam Spencer Holly’s 50 Ideas for Teen Read Week on the TRW Wiki):

  1. Open House with food and volunteers to explain teen activities
  2. Paperback and/or Comic Book swap
  3. Laugh-In film festival with lots of old funny movies
  4. Stand-up Comedy Night
  5. Pizza Tasting Contest
  6. Night/afternoon of gaming
  7. Program on being a clown
  8. Librarian Challenge [offer something silly in exchange for # books/pages read]
  9. Contest to create new Knock-Knock jokes
  10. Joke Swap
  11. Write a letter to your favorite author

You can find even more ideas at the TRW Wiki. Remember, Teen Read Week runs from Oct. 14-20.

What are your super-easy TRW ideas?

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