Each year, the Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults Committee develops themed lists of popular and relevant paperback books for teens. In January, we will release the four lists we’ve spent the last year slaving over, and begin the cycle over again.

We have some ideas percolating of what themes we should focus on next year, but we’d like your input. What topics are your teens crazy about? What booklists would you like to see? What kind of books do you find yourself wracking your brain for, to no avail? What lists are so outdated that they’re in desperate need of updating? You can see our past lists here — and don’t forget, it’s all about the popular!

Our lists are developed for your use, so make sure we know what you need!

Karen Brooks-Reese, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
2009 PPYA Chair

About PPYA

The Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults committee is a YALSA committee that creates themed lists of POPULAR materials for teens for use by libraries for Collection Development, Reader's Advisory, etc. Each year we develop up to five (usually four) lists focused on timely topics or specific genres. The titles selected for the list must be available in paperback, in print, and may not have been on a PPYA list in the past five years. This selection committee is a lot of reading, a lot of work -- and a TON of fun!

2 Thoughts on “It’s That Time Again!

  1. Sarah Granville [Visitor] on December 5, 2007 at 12:22 pm said:

    My teens are still nuts for vampire books. Do we discuss this topic too much on yalsa-bk for it to be an official Yalsa list?

  2. Sarah Pillivant [Visitor] on December 6, 2007 at 11:03 am said:

    – Books have lots of action, but aren’t all fantasy or sci-fi – books for teens who read comics and want action, not feelings.

    – Books for African American teens, or books for urban teens. There are plenty of books out there for teens in the ‘burbs, but my teens live in a run-down Rust Belt city, so their problems are often different.

    – I agree with the comment about vampire books – we especially could use a good list of horror.

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