The Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults committee has just finished up our first month of nominations, and we’ve got some great titles on our list of possibilities! You can see the February nominations here.

I would very much like to encourage all you amazing teen librarians (and any teens who might be reading this) to submit field nominations for PPYA. We want our lists to be as useful in the field as possible, and we can only do that with input from the people who use them! You can submit a field nomination here. Please fill the form out completely!

We’re looking for titles that fit one of four themes:

Dead, Dying & the Undead: Death can be an adventure, but not everyone lives to tell about it. Join us in exploring the often mysterious world of death and those who experience it . . . and those who come back.

Fame & Fortune: Stardom! Wealth! Notoriety! Read all about teens aspiring to make it big.

Journey>Destination: Take a journey of your own by reading about authentic and imagined road trips and journeys by any and all means of transport in the world.

Spies & Intrigue: Political intrigue, daring deeds, great escapes, and more in this thrilling list of fiction and nonfiction about those who operate within the world of shadow.

A few things to keep in mind when considering titles to nominate:

* Title must be in-print and in paperback
* Young Adult and Adult titles with teen appeal will be considered
* Fiction and nonfiction will be considered
* Copyright dates are not a consideration
* Publishers and authors may not nominate their own books

* It’s all about the popular!

All field nominations do need to be seconded by a committee member, but we truly appreciate your input! Help us out — nominate something good. And popular.

Karen Brooks-Reese
Chair, PPYA 2009

About PPYA

The Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults committee is a YALSA committee that creates themed lists of POPULAR materials for teens for use by libraries for Collection Development, Reader's Advisory, etc. Each year we develop up to five (usually four) lists focused on timely topics or specific genres. The titles selected for the list must be available in paperback, in print, and may not have been on a PPYA list in the past five years. This selection committee is a lot of reading, a lot of work -- and a TON of fun!

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