The Amazing Audiobook committee is still getting into the swing of things. I have just received our very first Listening Library box and the audiobooks are amazing. We got A Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray and Runemarks by Joanne Harris, two fantasy titles I have wanted to read. A Sweet Far Thing is book three in the series by Libba Bray and series titles are sometimes a quandary for us. I haven’t read or listened to A Great and Terrible Beauty or Rebel Angels, can I just jump in on the third title in a series? This is one of the many questions we have to ask ourselves with every title we listen too. Look for nominations soon from this excellent batch of titles.

In the meantime, check out the ones we have already nominated.

This year we have already nominated more titles than at the same time last year. We also already got one field nomination. We really appreciate those, because we can’t catch everything that is put out. I strongly encourage anyone who listens to something spectacular to do a field nomination.

Keep listening!

Nichole King
Amazing Audiobooks Committee

About Nichole King

Hey everyone! My name is Nichole King and I am the Teen Services Librarian at Morgan Hill Library. Morgan Hill is a small community in the Bay Area about 20 miles south of San Jose, CA. I love to read graphic novels and my speciality is audiobooks!

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