Okaaaaayy….since I’m bored and this is supposed to be a blog for a library and hence a library means books and I’m a teen and I read books why not babble on about new books/old books that I adore?

Right, done with the justification for random BLAH that suddenly is going to pop up on the blog.
boyfriend list coverthe boyfriend list by e. lockhart (LOLZ.), and the sequel

the boy book by e. lockhartthe boy book

These two (and possibly more) books document Ruby “Roo” Oliver’s unfortunate interactions and escapades with boys/guys/boyfriends/possible boyfriends/guys she’d love to have as boyfriends, and one “rebound” boyfriend (you know, the guy-you-go-out-with-for-one-date-because-your-boyfriend-just-broke-up-with-you dude.)

However….her lovely and hot make-out Jackson of three months just broke up with her, and Roo suddenly develops panic attacks. Her parents force her to see Doctor Z, a good if possibly batty psychiatrist, who tells Roo to write down every boy she’s ever had feelings for. This list is suddenly Xeroxed and circulated around the school by her former-best friend, who, co-incidentally because-it-was-fate STOLE Jackson. Um, right. DRAMA ENSUES.

It’s a very unusual book, and for those of you familiar with an abundance of katherines by john green (YES! ONLY THE BESTEST BOOK EVAR!!!), it’s got the hilarious footnotes. :3 That being said, it’s an interesting insight of a teenage girl afflicted with those silly things called “crushes”, and I don’t know about you guys out there, but *I* liked it.

the boy book continues Ruby’s life through junior year as well as deeper relationships she develops with some guys. It’s very sweet, but the boyfriend list is definitely for those who like laughs.

And because I wrote this post I can so rate the books I read:
the boyfriend list 8/10
the boy book 7/10

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3 Thoughts on “Babbling about books is good, yes? e. lockhart has been discovered!

  1. Linda Braun on April 15, 2008 at 11:38 am said:

    FYI, I heard the other day that the newest Lockhart is really good. I think it’s Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks

  2. Linda — yes!! E. Lockhart gets better & better with every book, and TDH of FLB is her best yet. It’s funny, sly, tough-minded, and the brilliant pranks therein best even the great pranking in Looking for Alaska.

  3. Jack Martin on April 15, 2008 at 5:29 pm said:

    OMG the new E Lockhart is totally amazing–the disreputable history of frankie LB…Frankie is sooo cool, and who wouldn’t want to read something that involves turning the dome of a library into a giant…um…breast?

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