Hacking Harvard by Robin Wasserman details the account of three guys’ attempts to place a virtually hopeless punk into the most sacred of universities: Harvard.

Who wouldn’t want to walk away with $50, 000?

I loved Robin’s lighthearted dialogue, as well as the motives for such a hack: Max, whose entire familiy up to and including his three older sisters have gone to Harvard, is fed up with all the scarlet in his life and just wants to be a computer programmer for a budding company; Eric, bullied by their resident punk in grade school, gets to know said punk pretty well; and poor 16-year-old-already-a-freshman-at-Harvard Schwarz who doesn’t think but just does whatever Max can eventually con him into doing in exchange from rescuing him from the girl upstairs’ clutches–his glossy Playboy (it’s really not what you think. Seriously.) pages, no problem, but please! PLEASE! PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE not those, erm, décolletage brassieres!

MUCH LOVE FROM MWA. Read this book. It will do wonders for your soul–all that laughing will melt away the stress of applying to colleges! Seriously! *goes to’ laugh her head off and finish that Common Application…*

Hacking Harvard: 10/10 YEAH BABY!

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