As I explained in my last post, the audiobook program run by the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically’ Handicapped (NLS) is called the Talking Book program.

Lindsey Dunn broke the news about how the Digital Talking Books and System is moving forward — in a nutshell, switching from cassette books and players to digital books available on cartridge or via download and listened to on digital players.

I’m happy to share with you the Press Release from NLS which provides more details on the program, available at NLS Flash. It includes a photo of a NLS customer using the new digital player. Once more information becomes available, I’ll post that, also. In the meanwhile, if you have questions about the program or the new player or the download program, let me know!

Also, as a reminder,’ Talking Books is a free library service that is open to all people whose low vision, blindness, or physical handicap makes it difficult to read a standard printed page.’ The service includes the loan of the player.

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One Thought on “Digital Talking Books

  1. Great post about the digital talking books! It is indeed an exciting change for our patrons. Lots of my Talking Book patrons have already expressed interest in getting the new digital players as soon as possible!

    I also want to share a link to my blog, which shares free resources for those who live with visual or physical disabilities. There are also resources on there for older adults and for librarians in general. It’s called Talking Books Librarian and is at

    Keep up the great work…. It’s great to see people sharing the word about the Talking Books program! Talking Books rock!!! 🙂

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