I was at Target today and I saw and interesting “thing” that got me thinking about school supplies. Livescribe has created a pen that not only records audio, but if you are taking notes on the specal paper will be able to play back the lecture when you tap on your notes. There is a usb attached to the pen so you can copy your notes into your computer as a image or as a video that replays the notes you took while playing the lecture.

This sounds really cool, especially for students who stuggle to learn in traditional lectures. However the pen costs about $150, and the paper goes for $20 for 400 sheets. This seems very expensive for students to use. I would hate to loose one of these pens if I was 13. I’d love to see teachers provide classroom sets but until every student has their own personal computer I doubt smart pen will be on a school’s supply list.

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2 Thoughts on “Smart Pen

  1. There was some buzz about this being a good device for blind & visually impaired students when the pen was first announced last year. See: http://www.accessibility.com.au/news/blind-college-students-may-benefit-from-new-smartpen-and-paper

    This is on the more inexpensive side of adaptive technology; probably because the market is bigger than “just” the blind & visually impaired students. Plus, it’s cool to think that students who are blind & visually impaired being able to use the exact same things as the student sitting next to them.

  2. I’ve read your blog post of the Pulse smartpen and wanted to share some new commercial and demo videos that we just uploaded to the Livescribe YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/nevermissaword

    From now until 12/31/08, you can get 5% off a Pulse smartpen at http://www.livescribe.com by using SCRIBE5A50 at checkout. Thanks, and enjoy the videos!

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