Teen Read Week and voting for the Teens’ Top Ten begins in just 5 days. I can’t wait to see the votes come in and find out which of these books are teens’ favorites! Remember, this is the only teen choice where the books are nominated and voted on by teens all over the USA. It’s practically an American duty for teens to vote!

I asked a few teens what they were planning on voting for. Here are some of the responses:

Emie, age 17, said she was voting for Unwind by Neal Shusterman: “The characters and plotline were very well developed. It’s a horror story, but the lack of blood made the book incredible.

Allison, age 17, is also voting for Unwind. “It is unique with strong teen characters. It covers a hot topic without being preachy. The story includes everything good about science fiction.

Jared, age 15, is voting for Daemon Hall by Andrew Nance: “It was an exciting read and my first horror novel.”

Catherine, age 15, is voting for Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer: “It is an awesome book because it is very well written. It’s fully of surprises, but you do have to read the first two books to appreciate it.”

Dominique, age 15, is voting for Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports: “Wow, this book is really amazing. I enjoy the aspect that a girl could be a superhero and act like a teen all at once. That really makes my day!”

Make sure your teens are voting for this important list. Click here to get more information, a list of the titles, and ready-made publicity you can just print and put out for your teens.

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I am a teen librarian who has worked in the Wake County Library system for six years now. I have been in YALSA for 3 years now and currently serve on the YA Galley Committee. I received my MLS at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2001. My specialties include book clubs, teen advisory boards, programming, and blogging.

3 Thoughts on “Teens’ Top Ten: What are Teens Voting For?

  1. Where do the teens vote? I have visited the links above, but there does not appear to be a link to an online vote. Do the teens have to wait until Teen Read Week for the voting page to even appear? How can we promote it if it does not appear yet?

  2. Hi Jamie,
    Voting opens October 12th and lasts until October 18th. Once it is October 12th, a link will appear on the main Teens’ Top Ten page that says VOTE HERE. Right now, there are bookmarks on the TTT page (the link above) that include the URL. You can find those by clicking the link that says Teens’ Top Ten bookmarks. What you could do is print off the bookmarks and hand them out to your teens so they can easily find the voting page from home during Teen Read Week. Also, you could set up a voting station at a computer in your library that is bookmarked the Teens’ Top Ten page so that teens can vote in your library. It is ala.org/teenstopten.

  3. Wednesday when I was at the Central HS book club teens were talking about Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Maximum Ride, Unwind, and Vampire Academy.

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