Today I received confirmation from YALSA staff member Letita Smith that we successfully completed the fall round of YALSA committee appointments.’  Thank you to all who agreed to serve on a committee.’  Thank you as well to those who did not get appointed but did submit a volunteer form.

If you were not appointed at this time, that doesn’t mean you won’t be appointed in the future. Remember, another round of appointments takes place around the time of Midwinter Meeting. Those appointments are for YALSA process committees.’  If you are interested in participating in a process committee, don’t forget to submit a form so that I’ll know you are interested.’  Volunteer forms are available on the YALSA web site.

In the very near future I’ll be in touch with all current and incoming chairs for those committees that were just appointed. We can talk about how to start working together to make sure that the transfer from outgoing to incoming goes as smoothly as possible.

Thanks again to all of the volunteers. Your work is greatly appreciated.

About Linda W Braun

Linda W Braun is a YALSA Past President, the YALSA CE Consultant, and a learning consultant/project management coordinator at LEO: Librarians & Educators Online.

3 Thoughts on “That’s a Wrap – YALSA Committee Appointments

  1. dear linda! =)

    hi! we met in nashville at the yalsa ya lit symposium. you gave a great presentation. i was on the floor up front. a young techy librarian from california.

    anyway, after seeing your tweet about volunteering, i went right out and filled in the online app. but i won’t send! and i’ve tried two different browsers. both times i get a CFML error. i spent all that time typing and luckily saved a copy to word. so my question to you is, can you please let the website folks know that the online app isn’t working and can you please find out for me how i can turn in my app — print it and mail it?

    anna =)

    anna koval =)
    casa grande high school
    333 casa grande road
    petaluma, california 94954
    707.778.4934 library
    707.33737033 mobile

  2. Anna, you can email the info. to and cc me too

  3. thanks, linda! will do! =)

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