It’s just three days until I leave for Midwinter in Denver and I think I’ve finally got my schedule all set. There are lots of YALSA events that I’m looking forward to. Including:

  • Happy Hour – YALSA began scheduling a Friday night Happy Hour at Midwinter and Annual Conference a couple of years ago and these “hours” have become the place to be. It’s a great way to start off the Midwinter Meeting, seeing people for the first time in several months and catching up before the work really begins. This year’s Happy Hour is from 5 to 7PM on Friday, January 23, at the Cap City Tavern.
  • Mixer & Tech Playground – For the past few years YALSA has sponsored a gaming or technology related event on Friday evenings at Midwinter.’  This year’s Mixer & Tech Playground sounds awesome, with lots of technology to try, games to play, and opportunities to hang-out and network with some great people.’  The Mixer & Tech Playground is a ticketed event on Friday, January 23, from 8 to 10PM’  at the Hyatt Regency Denver, Centennial A/B.
  • Leadership Development for Committee Chairs – This year YALSA is trying something new for this meeting and it seems like the 2 hours Committee Chairs, YALSA staff, and Board members spend together will be really beneficial. If you are a Committee Chair (of a selection or process committee) don’t forget to be there.’  Saturday, January 24, 8 to 10AM, Denver Marriott City Center, Denver Ballroom.
  • All Committee – Just after the Leadership Development meeting, all of YALSA’s process committees get together in one big room and do their work. This isn’t the only time these committees work together during the year, but at Midwinter it’s a good time to have some face-to-face discussions about plans and projects.’  Anyone not yet on a YALSA Committee can sit-in on the conversations at All Committee in order to get an idea of how things work and what might be a good committee fit.’  All Committee is from 10:30 to Noon on Saturday, January 24, Denver Marriott City Center, Denver Ballroom.
  • Blogger Meetup – This is the second time there’s been a meetup for YALSA bloggers and those interested in blogging for YALSA. It’s a chance for the bloggers to meet each other and talk about how to make the blog even better. Anyone who isn’t a blogger but is interested in blogging for YALSA is welcome. The Blogger Meetup is on Sunday, January 25, 8 to 10AM at the Colorado Convention Center, Room 405.
  • Candidate’s Forum -‘  Right after the Blogger Meetup I’ll be heading over to the very first ever YALSA Candidate’s Forum.’  This is going to be a great way to hear what those running on the 2009 YALSA slate have to say about their experience and qualifications and their thoughts about YALSA and about teens and teen services. The Candidate’s Forum is on Sunday, January 25, from 10:30 to Noon at the Colorado Convention Center in the Korbel Ballroom, 3B.
  • Discussion and Interest Group Open House – I actually can’t make it to this event because I have a YALSA Board meeting at the same time, but, I wish I could attend this. The Discussion and Interest Group Open House is similar to All Committee. All of the YALSA DGs (Discussion Groups) and IGs (Interest Groups) will meet all at once.’  Those interested in joining one of these groups can check out the different discussions going on and get ideas on what to get involved in.’  The DG & IG Open House is on Sunday, January 25, from 4:00 to 5:30 PM in the Colorado Convention Center, Room 203.
  • Board Meetings – Yes, I’m even looking forward to the Board Meetings that I will attend as YALSA’s Vice-President/President-Elect. These meetings are really important as those who serve as members of the Board work on projects and make decisions that help to chart the course of the organization for the next months and years.’  All of the Board meetings are open to the public and I highly recommend that people check-out the sessions to learn more about YALSA and to get more involved in the Division.’  The full agenda for the YALSA Board meetings. along with meeting documents, is available in the For Members Only section of the YALSA web site.
  • Joint Youth Division Membership Reception – At the end of Midwinter it’s possible to come full-circle and end the Meeting with another networking event.’  The Joint Youth Division Membership Reception is a great chance to finish up conversations started during the Meeting, continue networking, and say goodbye until Annual Conference.’  The Membership Reception is on Monday, January 26, from 6 to 8PM in the Colorado Convention Center, Room 108/110.

There is a lot more to take part in at the Midwinter Meeting in Denver. You can find a full list of YALSA programs and events on the YALSA Midwinter 2009 wiki page.

And, don’t forget, even if you aren’t going to Denver you can participate by reading Midwinter blog posts, listening to Midwinter podcasts, keeping track of’  Midwinter Twitter messages on Twemes, watching Midwinter videos, participating in Second Life, and taking part in CoverItLive blogging sessions.

About Linda W Braun

Linda W Braun is a YALSA Past President, the YALSA CE Consultant, and a learning consultant/project management coordinator at LEO: Librarians & Educators Online.

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