Libraries of varying shapes and sizes are gearing up for Teen Tech Week, including school libraries, libraries on a budget, and even some first-year celebrators! If you work in one of these’  library types, then you’ll want to check out the Teen Tech Week Voice Thread presentations. These free online presentations’  walk through the steps and ideas for arranging Teen Tech Week celebrations within restricted access school environments and’  low/cut budget scenarios.

Teen Tech Week committee chose VoiceThread presentation as the delivery mechanism due to its awesomeness with encouraging discussion. Built-in commenting tools enable viewers to expand the information by adding thoughts, concerns, and questions on each presentation slide. A guide to VoiceThread commenting walks through the easy steps to getting started on these discussions.

Teen Tech Week on a Budget

Many libraries are facing systemwide budget cutbacks that have affected teen departmental funds. To accommodate shrinking budgets, teen librarians are being asked to plan programs with little to no budget. If you are one of many librarians in this scenario, you might find the presentation’  Teen Tech Week on a Budget helpful. Jami Schwarzwalder and Kelly Laszczak provide program ideas and resources to make Teen Tech week possible using little to zero dollars.

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Teen’  Tech Week in School Libraries

Many school librarians find it difficult to celebrate exciting tech programs within the restricted environment that most schools operate.’  Although the barriers prove to be a challenge, there are celebration options that allow us to work around technology limitations. Teen Tech Week in School Librares is a presentation by Kathleen Mahoney that provides tips on how to make Teen Tech Week successful within the school library.

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Getting Started with Teen Tech Week

If you are getting started with Teen Tech Week for the’  first time, there is a presentation that will walk you through the rudimentary steps of planning an event. Those that want a review or to learn if there is something else you could possibly do when planning an event may also benefit from viewing the Getting Started with TTW presentation.

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Wiki and Web Resources
Don’t forget about the other resources available on these topics. The official TTW web site and YALSA wiki also have information about celebrating on a budget and within school libraries.

Hope to see you on VoiceThread, sharing ideas and raising your concerns on these TTW presentations.

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