I just received’ an email about funding for Maryland libraries.’  As the new stimulus package funds are being released, it is imperative that we reach out to our legislatures, not just in Maryland, but in all states!’ 

Pretty soon, money will be divided up and sent to many states seeking help.’  Our state legislative bodies are going to be the ones to sit down and decide where the money they receive goes, and they will determine how much funding libraries will get and how much they will be cut. In order to maintain services and continue to reach out to a rising community of users, especially teens,’ it is more important now than ever to act.’  The passing of the stimulus was just the beginning, now the real challenge for libraries has begun.

The following is a link to ALA’s Legislative Alerts and Updates Page.’  Stop by and visit the page and see where your state stands, you may have already been called to action! http://capwiz.com/ala/issues/?style=D

About Krista McKenzie

I am a Children's Specialist at the Ruth Enlow Library in Garrett County, Maryland. I work with kids from the ages of 0 to 18 and am also a reference librarian. In addition, I am member of the YALSA Legislative Committee, and the Children's Services Division of the Maryland Library Association.

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