I’m always collecting information about new and interesting tech tools that have a teen and/or librarian appeal. In honor of Teen Tech Week I thought I’d blog a short list of some tools you and your teens might check out during the week, or sometime in the near future.

  • fliggo logoFliggo gives everyone the ability to create a YouTube-like site. ‘ Not only is it possible with Fliggo to create a space for posting videos, it’s also possible to customize a Fliggo space with a customized look and feel and a logo. Fliggo also lets users decide who can upload videos to the space by allowing for totally open spaces, members only spaces, and by invitation only spaces. You and the teens that you work with can setup a Fliggo site that incorporates a logo and look designed by the teens, gives “approved” teens the ability to upload videos to the space, and that provides opportunities for other teens to comment on library and teen created videos.
  • Search Flickr by Color lets users pick up to 10 colors in order to search for photos on Flickr with that color. For example, the image to the right I found by searching for the color black. (Thanks to Flickr user Jo Howells-Mead for Creative Commons licensing the photo.) Consider using this with teens to search for photos that represent the mood of a particular book, or the way a song or movie makes them feel. Or, simply pick a variety of colors and see what is generated. This might also be a great way to start a creative writing activity. Pick colors, find photos, write a story or poem that relates to what the search uncovered.
  • blippr logoBlippr is a microblogging tool for posting reviews that are up to 160 characters in length. Not only can users post short reviews, it’s also possible to search the Blippr site to uncover other Blippr user reviews. For example, a search on Twilight led to this review, “i loved this book, not the others tho. this one is definitely the best while the others are placeholders for the ending.” Blippr might be the perfect tool for your teens to write snappy reviews of things they love and love to hate. It could also be the way to find first-hand blurb-worthy reviews of a variety of materials.

Are there cool tools that you and your teens are using this Teen Tech Week? Let blog readers know about them by adding a comment on this post.

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Linda W Braun is a YALSA Past President, the YALSA CE Consultant, and a learning consultant/project management coordinator at LEO: Librarians & Educators Online.

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