This year, we invited freelance game writer, Rafael Chandler, to talk with teens about what he does in his career. “I had a great time,” I heard one of the attendees tell his mom after the program.

What I liked, and from the teens’ questions and comments, it seems like they did as well, was how much game writing ties into what we already do at our libraries. Rafael compared the release of games in various languages to teens noticing cultural differences when they read manga. As a game writer, Rafael has been called on to align characters’ dialogue with the language of the country that the game is being released in.

Rafael also made some interesting parallels between fairy tales and video games. He discussed fairy tales in which readers don’t know much about the protagonist. This is a device that serves the purpose of allowing the reader, or player, to give the character their own characteristics.

Being involved in shaping the music that fits the game is something else Rafael has done and an activity many teens can relate to, especially when they are exposed to tools to make their own tunes such as Garageband.

The International Game Developers Association is a good resource to locate game developers, designers, and writers in your area that might be interested in coming to your library.

Here’s a clip of Rafael:

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