Even though it is only April, I’m already starting to get excited about Annual Conference in Chicago.’  Chicago is one of my favorite cities (even if ALA is late this year and so the Taste of Chicago won’t be going on at the same time). Those of you who are not sure about the ALA/Proquest Scholarship Bash, the Art Institue of Chicago is wonderful and worth seeing while you are there.’ 

The reason that I am most excited about this year’s Annual Conference though is that I am a member of the Best Books for Young Adults Committee (aka BBYA).’  This will be my first time meeting with the other BBYA folks and I’m really looking forward to some good debating on the many great titles that have been nominated so far.’ 

I am also looking forward to the BBYA Teen Session, which is one of my favorite sessions to attend at Midwinter and Annual Conferences anyway but these year, it will be a whole new experience for me.’  If you have never attended a BBYA Teen Session, make sure you put it on your list this year.’  The teens’ comments are always thoughtful and’ very very honest.’ 

It is so rewarding watching these teens address a standing room crowd of librarians like it is no big deal and there is always one or two kids who have the room eating out of the palm of their hands.’  I’  had a chance last year to speak with some of the teens as they were wandering through the exhibit hall- you would have thought it was Christmas/their birthday/graduation day/etc. all rolled up into one they were so excited.’  Can’t help but make you smile for the rest of the conference.

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