Individually, we are all probably feeling the effect of the current economic’ downturn and I know that I am.’  In addition, my library system had budget cuts this year both from local and state support.’  We are also facing furloughs in the upcoming fiscal year (begins July 1) as well as additional cuts.’  I wish that I could say that’ YALSA and ALA are immune to the economic troubles but they are not.’  ‘  However, both ALA and YALSA have been proactive in seeking new revenue funding streams as well as implementing cost savings.’  So what does this have to do with YALSA members?’ 

There are ways that we can support YALSA and as a group get’ through the economic crisis together.’  ‘ Here are a few ideas.’ 

  • Committees can maximize the use of free or inexpensive tools to accomplish this work, such as Twitter or SurveyMonkey.
  • Committees who are working on programs can think about minimizing or curtailing the use of AV at conferences.
  • Members can also actively participate in continuing education opportunities such as ecourses and online blog discussions.
  • Members can also continue to support the Friends of YALSA and the YALSA Leadership Endowment.’  Both of these iniatiatives provide support to YALSA’s mission of continuous learning; advocacy; research; teen literacy & young adult literature; and planning for the future.

I am sure there are other ways that we can continue to support YALSA and would love to add to the above list.

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3 Thoughts on “Helping YALSA During Difficult Economic Times

  1. While I love YALSA and want to see it weather the rough economic waters, I imagine there are quite a few members wondering what YALSA can do to help them. Those of us just graduating from LIS programs are finding a job market that is decidedly not what was advertised to us when we began, while plenty of employed folks are facing tough budget decisions (as you mention).

    Clearly YALSA can only help its members if it stays afloat as an organization, but I think many of us are really hungry for more acknowledgment (and answers) from our professional organizations

  2. Kelly on April 10, 2009 at 6:26 pm said:

    Thank you Mary for starting this conversation. Admittedly, I did take a bit of a second glance at the title for this blog post, echoing mk’s sentiments. While there are many YALSA members poised to be able to help YALSA in difficult economic times in the suggested ways, there are many members who look to YALSA for help. I look forward to reading the recession issue of YALS as well as participating in the other upcoming resources. Thank you Mary for your response.

    I think though that YALSA is Us. YALSA is its members. It’s not just an elected board and an executive director, program officer, communications specialist and administrative assistant. Each of its members has a responsibility, if able, to help each other out in these tough economic times, particularly by sharing information though the mechanisms that YALSA already has in place such as the blog, wikis, and publications. If we each make a contribution, however small we think it might be, we never know what difference it can make to someone else.

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