I’ve been talking to my teens today and found that most of them are using MyYearbook.com to connect with peers because their parents found their MySpace and Facebook page.

I asked them what they thought about adults being on their social networks and they responded that the library would be cool to be friends with, but they do not want their parents or teachers on the network they use with their friends. Another popular network is Gaia.

What are your teens using?

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6 Thoughts on “Social Networks

  1. Wendy Stephens on April 15, 2009 at 5:25 pm said:

    The kids at school are using plurk, gaia, & livejournal. I have students telling me their grandmothers are friending them on fb, so it is understandable that they seek their own space.

  2. All social networking (that the district knows about, anyway) is blocked at my school. I’ve heard Facebook mentioned occasionally, but no one seems particularly sore about not networking at school–they’re content to stay glued to their Sidekicks. (And other fancy phones.)

  3. darkie on April 15, 2009 at 5:42 pm said:

    LoL, I’m surprised this movement didn’t start faster. It sucks to have your mom, dad, church leader find you as you’re saying something particularly stupid. Most people I know are on Livejournal. And Gaia’s popular too. Deviantart.com is good with the anime and manga crowd.

  4. A lot of middle school students here are on Bebo. I tried to have a library presence on Bebo, but found the security there to be way too lax. I’m surprised teens aren’t involved with Twitter. I tried to get the teens here to follow me on Twitter, but the vast majority didn’t even have an account.

  5. My kids (my offspring, I mean!) are using Gaia and MyYearbook, and the post made me laugh because my daughter made me get my own MyYearbook account after I butted in on too many of her mah jongg games. She’s on LJ, but hardly uses the account. She’s also on Meez quite a lot. My son is finding and getting into several RPGs, and does most of his networking in that context and MyY.

    My library kids are using MyY and MySpace, mostly. I don’t know ANYONE under 18 using FB.

    I find it interesting how quickly kids flock from one network to another – I’ve been on LJ for 6 years and FB for 4 and I swear, would rather give up social networking altogether than go through the hassle of moving to another network and re-building a friends list. The kids seem to change networks, all in a group, about every six months. I think part of the fun of it, at least in the tween girl scene that my daughter is allowing me to peek into, is actually building the profile – it’s paper dolls, electronic and more sophisticated. When the construct is mature, it gets boring pretty quickly.

  6. wait, so is livejournal making a comeback now that we’ve all taken over facebook? that is so funny/ironic–i’ve been on LJ since 2001 and thought it was super lame now. I *love* that teens are abandoning ship (even though i use FB like crazy to promote programs and manage my TAB).

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